I am a mid-twenties-something who somehow stumbled across the world of repainting dolls after graduating from college. I have no idea how this happened (not the graduating part, the doll repainting part), except that it probably started with this strange condition I have that is responsible for most of my hobbies.

I call it the “I can do that” condition.

Basically, every time I see something that requires some modicum of creativity and challenge, I think to myself “I can do that.” I think this when I see clothing in designer stores that I could never afford but could totally make, when I see jewelry in window shops, when I see artwork in art galleries, and when I see baked goods in bakeries.

The last huge project the “I can do that” condition got me into was making miniature clay jewelry and selling it on Etsy. That gig landed me in international newspapers, my local TV channels, and on Fox News. Somehow. Who knows.

So then I saw a picture of a repainted doll, sometime in May of 2013. And I said….

“I can do that.”

So I did.

I am the artist and owner behind I Am Loved Dolls on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress.